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Authors and experts, welcoming the Social Security book festival

05 July 2017

Public relation unit of the Social Security Organization quotes from Dr. Alireza Amirpour: Social Security book of the year will be announced in four different categories: the best author, translator, publication, and thesis, those interested to partake in this event have until 21st of June 2017 to send in their books.

Dr. Amirpour mentioned that more than100 books, translations and thesis have already been submitted to the festival secretariat and that the committee will start reviewing them after the deadline.

He continued: all the books, thesis, and translations which are focused on issues related to the social security filed can participate in this scientific competition and the award winners will be announced during a ceremony in the social security week and receive precious awards from Social Security Organization.

He then said: the purpose of this plan is to develop the culture of reading, support the welfare and social security literature, identifying the active authors, translators, and researchers of the field and introducing them to the scientific community, encouraging and supporting the top authors, boosting the motivation for research, improving the level of social security related research, getting to know the research capabilities of the Social Security Organization staff, and using the results of scientific researches in organization’s policy makings and executive plans.

Advisor to the Social Security Organization’s managing director, also said: all the works participating in this competition will be evaluated by the scientific committee which will operate as a section of the Social Security Research Institute, those who are interested in participating in this scientific competition can send their work to this address: Number 20, 10th Western St, Bkharest St, Arzhantin Sq., Tehran, Iran, or contact: 021-88753245

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