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A report published on“Comprehensive study of the components and indicators affecting social welfare”

22 July 2017

Institute’s public relation unit announced that a report on “Comprehensive study of the components and indicators affecting social welfare” has been published.

This report which was ordered by institute’s Social and Cultural Department has been published in 79 pages in July of 2017 and was supervised by the institute’s publication.

 Mr. Mohammad Hoseini is the author of this report.

In the preface we read:

Social welfare has been both a driver and a final objective of the development in different political and historical contexts. Therefore, improving its different dimensions has always needed planning and policy makings. That is the reasons why getting to know the indicators of current situation and previous trends are all of great importance, and identifying and defining indicators for assessment of the situation and mechanisms of social welfare are essential.

This report tries to review the fundamental concepts of social welfare, go through other countries’ and international institutions’ experience in compilation of indicators and reports on social welfare, and give a set of measurable indicators and their calculation methods. 

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