Department of social insurance and computing

The social insurance, as an essential component of the social security system of the countries, is an effective means for stabilizing the income level of individuals while encountering a verity of risks during their lifetimes (such as unemployment, illness, and aging).
Despite the obvious importance of the social insurance issues and the necessity to expand them for the economically active population, the country's social insurance system is encountering major challenges in terms of learning, sufficiency and sustainability.
However, there is no coherent and integrated procedure for producing and developing a scientific literature regarding this issue in the country. 
However, the expansion of the theoretical and applied knowledge regarding social insurance can be effective in meeting a variety of main challenges in the country's social insurance system.
In this regard, the department of " social insurance and computing " is keeping research on expanding the social insurance literature, identifying and quantifying financial risks in the social security organization through the use of academic sciences in the social insurance, and building a scientific framework for expanding coverage and improving the performance of these types of insurance.
In order to achieve its goals, this group has placed conducting fundamental, applied and strategic studies regarding social insurance and related computing (outsourcing and insourcing) on its agenda.