Department of Health Economics and Policy

The health economics and policy research group, called “ health economics reviews research group ” has started out from the early establishment of the institute aiming at making decisions for the largest purchaser and the country’s second provider of healthcare services, namely social security organization.

Since the establishment of the institute, this group has played an active role in the research activities of it by carrying out over 70 research projects accounting for %30 of the total researches carried out at the institute.

Dr. Reza Touserkan Manesh is the leader of this research group right now and carrying out applied, developmental and fundamental research projects in the clinical fields, health economics and health management at micro and macro levels is on the group’s agenda.

Hence, the health research group with the authority to possess the country’s available research capacities and utilizing the general health policies communicated by the supreme leader, has put conducting researches regarding the development of the health insurance, the equity in health, the quality of services and clinical guidelines, the health and medicine technology, the cost of services and resource management, the tariffs, the payment systems, the demand management and so on, in a two-year perspective on the agenda.