Department of Economics and Investment 

"Investment and economic activity" is one of the requirements for the universal social security for ensuring the intergenerational capital accumulation of the insured.
On the other, there is a two-way relationship between the performance of the social security organization and the economic situation of the country.
On the one hand, the optimum performance of the organization in the country can significantly improve the economic conditions.
On the other, an upturn and downturn in the economy affects the available resources of the organization.
Hence, the department of economics and investment of the institute, led by Mr. Fardin Yazdani, with more than two decades of experience in carring out the economic researches, aims at scrutinizing the relationship between economic conditions and the performance of the social security organization,
and tries to assist decision-makers in managing the organization's resources by assessing the current methods of managing financial resources available in the social security organization and utilizing the new global patterns.