Board of Trustees

Seyed Taghi Nourbakhsh, MD

Previous posts: The head of Social Security Hospital in Yazd, Member of the board and deputy director of treatment affairs in Social Security Organization, Deputy CEO at Social Security Organization, Member of the Supreme Medical Council, Head of Iranian Orthopedic Association, Managing Director of Social Security Organization

Abbas Kebriaiee Zadeh, Pharm. D., Ph.D

Farokh Malekvand Fard

Kamran Jamshidi


Ali Heidari

Education: B.A in Insurance Management from Tehran University in 1993, M.A. in Public Administration from Islamic Azad University of Tehran in 1995

Previous posts: Deputy Director of Provincial Affairs from 2004 till present day, Deputy Director in the provinces and Director of the Office of the Board and CEO in 2000, Director of the Board and Managing Director Office in 1998

Teaching experiences: Teaching different computer courses for two years in Shabake Novin Company in 1990, teaching newly hired employees about the statute and organization and giving them information on evaluation process of employees in Social Security Organization in 1994-96, holding up two rounds of seminars focused on the subject on Iran’s welfare problems and issues for the graduate students of Social Science Faculty of Tehran University in 2003 and 2005.

Selected Articles:

  1. Privatization in Social Security through creating the Social Security Financial Institutions
  2. Surveying the Program (A Pathology of the country's development programs)
  3. Pathology of the reform movements in Iran’s administrative system with the approach of human resources.


Reza Raee, Ph.D.


Hosein Raghfar, Ph.D.

Education: Ph.D. of Economy from Sussex University

Academic Rank: Associate Professor

Present and previous posts: Consultant at Ministry of Welfare and Social Security of Iran from 2004 to 2007, manager of the World Bank’s national project of social supports in 2003-2004, Vice chancellor of the Management and Planning Organization of Iran and head of the Higher Institution of Education and Research 2003-2004, Consultant at the Social Department of Management and Planning Organization in 2003, Consultant at the Center for International Scientific Collaborations ( a part of Ministry of Science, Research and Technology) from 1990 to 1994, Chief Editor of Keyhan International newspaper from 1986 to 1994.

Selected Articles:

-          The confusing path of gas and subsidies

-          How to increase job opportunities?

-          What are the consequences of increase in the price of gas?

Selected Publications:

-          Development as the Freedom, Amartya Sen, Translated by Hosein Raghfar, Kavir Publication, 2003

-          Epistemology and Methodology of Futures Studies: Result of the First Futures Studies Workshop, Ali Paya & Hosein Raghfar, National Research Institute for Science Policy publication, 2004

-          Futures Studies & Cultural Studies: Result of the Second Futures Studies Workshop, Ali Paya & Hosein Raghfar, National Research Institute for Science Policy publication, 2004

Mahdi Montazer Ghaem, Ph.D.


M.A in Sociology from Tarbiat Modares University, 1992

Ph.D. in Sociology from University of Leicester, 1998

Academic Rank: Assistant Professor

Selected Publications:

-          Audienceology

-          Series of in depth discussions with experts about the present and future situation of the radio

-          Prostitution in Iran

-          Maiming in Iran

Mohsen Renani, Ph.D.

Education: Ph.D. in Economics from Tehran University

Academic Rank: Professor in Isfahan University

Selected Publications:

-          Agricultural Economics (translation)

-          Economics of Labor and Human Resources (translation)

-          General Economics Multiple-choice Question Book (translation)

-          Par Siavoosh’s Song (Poetry)

-          Macroeconomics Multiple-choice Question Book (teamwork)

-          Economics: Progress, Stagnation or Decline? (translation)

-          Destruction of the symbolic capitals or Stopping the Development in Iran?

-          The Humane Existence in the World of Crisis

-          The Obstacles of Formation and Increase of Social Capital in Petrostates (the Underdevelopment Factor)

-          Oil, Social Capital, and the refusing the development in Iran (The Hesitant State)

Mohamad Hosein Sharif Zadegan

Education: Ph.D. in Economic Development and Regional Planning from London University

Academic Rank: Assistant Professor in Shahid Beheshti University

Present and previous posts: Member of the Shahid Beheshti University Board of Trustees, Member of the University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences Board of Trustees, Secretary-General of the Higher Council for Planning the Housing and Urban Development, Member of the Supreme Council of National Retirement, Chairman and Managing Director of the Social Security Organization, Vice-Chancellor of the Minister of Health

Mohammad Fazeli

Education: Ph.D. in Sociology

Academic Rank: Member of the Sociology Department in Mazandaran University


Mohammad Rahmati, MD.

Academic Rank: Professor

Education: Dermatology

Faculty member of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, member of the IRI Medical Council, member of Iranian Academy of Medical Sciences, member of the Research & Technology  Council of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education

Selected Articles:

- Brain death from jurisprudence and law point of view, Rahmati Mohammad, Farahzadi Ali Akbar, The Iranian Journal of Ethics and History of Medicine, March 2011

- Persistent Vegetative State from the Criminal Law point of view, Rahmati Mohammad, Abbasi Mahmoud, Medical Law, 2012

- Jurisprudence Study of the effects of the Sex Reassignment Surgery in married couples, Rahmati Mohammad, Medical Law, 2011

- Rahmati-Roodsari M, Sohrabi MR. Scientific production of nutrition school of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences in Scopus and ISI in 2009-mid 2012, Iranian Journal of Nutrition Sciences & Food Technology 2013;7(5):79-86.

- Sohrabi MR, Rahmati-Roodsari M. Trend of scientific production of National Nutrition And Food Technology Research Institute in Scopus and ISI in 2009-mid2012. Iranian Journal of Nutrition Sciences & Food Technology. 2013;7(5):43-50.


  Mohammad Taghi Joghtayi

Education: Fellowship of Neuroscience from King's College London, Neuro anatomy from University of Leeds, England, Ph.D. & M.A. of Anatomy from Tehran University of Medical Sciences, B.Sc. of Physiotherapy from Iran University of Medical Sciences

Academic Rank: Professor of Iran University of Medical Sciences

Present and previous posts: Founder and the president of University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences, Founder and the president of Iranian Anatomical Sciences Association, Founder and the president of Iranian Neuroscience Society, Visiting Professor of Middlesex University, England, Head of School of Advanced Technologies in Medicine, Head of Cellular and Molecular Research Center, Director of the Department of Anatomy, Iran University of Medical Sciences

Publications: 22 books, 38 articles in Farsi, 100 articles in English