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The “Social policy in the Islamic world” conference will be held with the support of the Social Security Research Institute

30 August 2017

Allameh Tabataba'i University will be holding the “Social policy making in Islamic world” conference in coordination with other domestic scientific and research institutions. This conference has been planned for the May 2018 and the Social Security Research Institute will be one of its sponsors.

In explaining the necessity of such conference we read: “the Muslim population of the world consists of 2 billion people who live in almost 40 countries and are a majority in many countries of different continents. Moreover, there are many Muslims living in non-Muslim countries and there are many people of other religious backgrounds living in Islamic countries. In today’s world, social policy making is an important tool to organize the societies. On the other hand, there are concepts and solutions to be found in Islamic teachings which are focused on improving the welfare state of people’s lives. But still, we can not give a uniform picture of the social policy making in Islamic world because these countries have undergone different historical, political, cultural and economic situations. Despite all these differences, Islamic countries are facing more or less similar problems and challenges in education, health, employment, poverty, inequality, housing, population aging, and women’s and families’ situation. The political changes of the recent years in some Islamic countries showed that ignoring such problems can have widespread and destructive social and political consequences. Now the question is that how did these countries, having all those differences in background, address these common problems? The purpose of this conference is to study the social policy making and its problems in Islamic countries with a comparative and interdisciplinary approach and therefore, this conference appreciates the articles that use a policy making approach towards the different dimensions of this subject.

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