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Department of Organizational, Management and Legal Studies

25 August 2016

The Social Security Organization as the most wide-spreading institution among the country’s social insurance systems deals with interconnectivity between social and legal issues and needs be constantly aware of the latest changes in rules and regulations to be able to play its role in the fields of insurance and retirement.

The Department of Organization, Management and Law is managed by the faculty member, Dr. Hassan Emami. This department is constantly busy with research and educational activities in three main fields of organization, management, and law and given the magnitude of these three fields, the department’s activities are so diverse and include management issues like planning, decision making, organizing, monitoring, and controlling the work processes. Investigating into the legal and management challenges of the organization and offering solutions is also one of the duties of this department. Some of other duties this department has include investigating into the information technology management, human resources management, knowledge management, data mining, and topics concerning with social security rights and insured client’s rights is a part of this department’s tasks.

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