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Department of Economics & Investments

25 August 2016

Economic activities and investment endeavors are by far the two most necessary aspects for the social security performance and guarantee the insured’s intergenerational accumulation of capital. There is a significant correlation between the performance of the Social Security Organization (SSO) and the economic status of the country. The organization’s optimized performance can and will improve the economic status of the country both nationally and internationally. Furthermore, economic booms and downturns have drastic impacts on the resources available to the SSO. Therefore, thorough study of the relations between the economy and the SSO’s performance is quite essential. The department of Economics and Investment, supervised by Fardin Yazdani who has more than two decades of experience in economic research, is dedicated to study the relation between the economy and the SSO’s performance. It also tries to assess the current methods by which SSO’s financial resources are being managed. In order to do so, this department applies the latest findings in the related fields and tries to nationalize the current global models used by the frontier social security organizations around the globe.

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